Faking it: How to look stylish without trying!


Looking at pictures of front-row celebs at Fashion Week, it’s easy to think that the only way to look “effortlessly” stylish is to wear expensive labels from head to toe. While it’s certainly one way to impress, your average Irish girl just doesn’t have the funds to keep up with Emma Watson or Olivia Palermo on a day-to-day basis.

What most style savvy ladies know though, is that all it takes is one or two simple tweaks to look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk, even if in reality you’ve just rolled out of bed. Ever wondered how some girls just look “cool” without really trying? Here’s how they do it…

By making a statement
One key accessory can totally turn around an outfit and really inject some style. Even if you’re just wearing jeans, a loose tee and a scarf, try adding a gorgeous pair of earrings or a chunky bracelet to stand out. Kate Mara has the right idea with these amazing ruby red and gold front-back earrings. We want!

By turning things up a notch
A pushed-up blazer sleeve or one simple turn up on a pair of jeans or trousers can make all the difference. It’s the kind of touch that seems totally effortless and accidental but that really adds to an outfit’s style factor. Kendall Jenner makes these ripped boyfriend jeans a little classier by folding up the ends:

By showing personality
When putting an outfit together, don’t just copy someone else’s style piece for piece. Wear something that has a little bit of you in it – a necklace you love, a brooch you got from your Nana, a handbag you’ve had for years. A look with a personal touch is much more likely to turn heads than a celeb copycat outfit. Eva Mendes looks incredible in this patterned headscarf and chunky necklace:

By adding a pop of colour
If your wardrobe favourites are blacks, greys and neutrals, set off your outfit with a bright handbag or scarf. And when we say bright, we mean bright. Check out Miranda Kerr’s sunshine yellow handbag – it might not be the best thing to look at with a hangover, but she definitely stands out!

By knowing that style can also equal comfort
Those Alexander McQueen heels might look the part, but you won’t exactly look chic if you’re wincing every time you take a step. Stylish girls know that a flat shoe is a great way to achieve classic, clean style – and your feet will thank you too. The Olsen twins are big fans of low-maintenance fashion, and Ashley Olsen’s Toms are about as relaxed as it gets:

And when all else fails, by adding red lipstick
Nothing says “old school glamour” more than a red lip – even if you’re just chilling in your favourite cozy jumper and jeans. Taylor Swift is the picture of perfect autumn style in her wool coat, ankle boots and a dash of lipstick.