Lip rings are the hottest Instagram makeup trend for festival season


Festival makeup is a whole makeup genre of its own, as a music festival is the perfect place to go wild and experiment with your beauty look.

Every festival season, there are always a few key makeup trends that do the rounds, and we've spotted one already. 

Last year, faux freckles were the look du jour, but now a faux lip piercing is the way to go.


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The makeup look is easily created, and we're kind of feeling the edgy looking trend.

Lip piercings were looking like they were going to be the biggest piecing trend of 2017, after Kim Kardashian was spotted rocking a fake metal ring earlier this year.

However, an actual lip piercing isn't always the most work-friendly, so we're loving this no commitment version of the trend. 

The look is pretty easy to achieve. all you need to do is apply a metallic liner in a straight vertical line in the middle of your bottom lip.

A dab of translucent powder over the top once dry should help the look remain for a few hours, however if you're eating and drinking, the faux lip ring will definitely need some maintenance. 


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Prepare to see this look everywhere once Longitude and Electric Picnic roll around.

Feature image: Instagram / bangtsikitsiki