EXPOSED: Robbie’s furious voicemail to Pro Green!


Yikes, doesn’t sound like Professor Green should get on Robbie Williams’ bad side…any more than he already has, at least!

When Professor Green mentioned Robbie’s 2006 album, Rudebox, in one of his songs, surely he wasn’t expecting Robbie to take it well.

Needless to say, he did not, and left Pro Green a very angry voicemail which the rapper has now sampled on his new album Growing Up In Public.

Robbie can be heard in the voicemail saying: “Green, it’s Robbie Williams. I’ve just heard your album. Listen, A, keep my name out of your mouth, B, why do you have to go and mention Rudebox. It was a pretty sh**** time of my life. And C, C it’s f*** you, Green.”

Er, we’re not so sure that will help the situation much…

Your move, Robbie.