Ex-TOWIE member angry at ‘copycat’ co-star


Anyone who has ever watched even just one episode of TOWIE will know that rarely a day passes without some kind of catfight between the cast members.

Now, despite the fact that she left the show long ago, it seems that Lucy Mecklenburgh is pretty peeved at her former co-star, Sam Faiers.

Having found major success this year with her fitness empire, Lucy is said to be annoyed with Sam for following suit and launching her own fitness website this week.

According to reports, Lucy has branded Sam a copycat for bringing out her Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers website, just 18 months after the launch of Lucy’s own online training programme, Results with Lucy.

A source told The Mirror: “Lucy is peeved. She never wanted to go head-to-head with Sam, they’re mates and generally support each other.”

“Lucy feels she worked hard on the concept, plugging away at it for over a year, while Sam has rocked up with a very similar business model,” the source added.

Yikes. Let’s hope these two can keep it friendly.