Even Kim K’s fans turn on her after latest Twitter photos!


It wasn’t all that long ago that Kim Kardashian was blasted for cropping her daughter, North out of one of her Instagram snaps. The mum couldn’t believe that people cared about the cropping incident, saying that North’s eyes had been closed and that she was "feeling her look". Totally understandable, Kim.

However, it seems not even her fans can defend her latest social media faux pas… 

Kim was in New York last night attending John Legend’s birthday with her husband, Kanye. Her fans, and indeed John’s too, are curious as to why all of Kim’s photos of the night, including one in which she wishes the singer a happy birthday, have Kim as the centre of attention.

Followers on both Twitter and Instagram have slammed the singer, with people pointing out the fact that although it was John's birthday, the poor man was left out in the cold:


At this point, it seems Kim's love of the camera is comedic for her fans. We're just waiting for that selfie book any day now…

To be fair, we are glad of another glimpse at her gorgeous dress!