Enjoying a healthy lifestyle has never been easier

Looking for ways to improve your health without having to sign your life away to a gym or endure awful, apparently healthy, meals? Well, Tesco’s newest service should be right up your street.

To help customers improve their health and wellbeing, Tesco have launched their healthy living service, Tesco Health & Wellbeing.

The 100% free to join service is in stark contrast to their original paid subscription Tesco Diets – the #1 rated online weight loss service – which they have stopped taking subscriptions for.

While the brave move to stop the paid service will obviously have an impact on revenue, it is in keeping with their campaign to help more customers improve their health and wellbeing.

Through an interactive digital platform, Tesco Health & Wellbeing aims to help customers be healthy, improve their overall wellbeing and enjoy life more. The website, iOS and Android apps include all the must-have tools of Tesco Diets plus much more in the area of wellbeing, fitness, nutrition analysis, healthy recipes, personalisation and expert advice.

Some of the many highlights of the service include the ability to plan or track in the food diary, get healthy meal ideas (this will definitely come in handy), order groceries online and discover new exercises.

The service is easy enough to use –  all you need to do is visit www.tescohealthandwellbeing.com or download the app from Apple or Google play store, sign up and fill in your personal settings.

Having a healthy lifestyle couldn’t be easier.