Eight relationship “problems” to stop worrying about!

Okay, we admit, not every relationship is built to last. Some couples will experience more issues and troubles than others. But no relationship is perfect – even the really strong ones – and sometimes the best solution to a problem is simply to stop worrying and look at the bigger picture

Some of these "problems" might seem like dealbreakers, but ask around and we bet you'll find they are pretty common…

1. You two don't have enough sex
Sex every day? Are you having a laugh?! Who has the time for that? Porn stars, that's who.

2. He never gets all lovey-dovey on Facebook
So what if you're not in his profile picture and he never comments on your page with a series of kisses and heart emojis? As long as you're feeling the love offline, all is well.

3. You argue all the time about tiny things
What to watch on Netflix, whose turn it is to do the dishes, the fact that you're always the one tasked with buying his mum a birthday present… all potential argument fodder. Every couple has arguments. We promise. The ones who say they don't are either lying or delusional.

4. You can't remember the last time you dressed up around him
Yes, your standard evening wear is more likely to be a pair of trackie bottoms and a giant jumper than a cocktail dress, but that just makes the times you do dress up even more special.

5. He has LITERALLY no interest in the TV shows you like
A mutual love of House of Cards does not a strong relationship make. Just because you two have different interests doesn't mean you're not suited – a great couple knows compromise is key.

6. "Date night" consists of a takeaway, the couch and a heavy dose of Netflix
You two don't need to go to some fancy-pants restaurant to appreciate your time together – get cosy on the couch and enjoy each other's company that way!

7. He STILL forgets your relatives' names though you've told him a million times
As long as he makes an effort with them, what's the problem?

8. You two don't spend every waking hour together
Strong couples know that being independent is just as important as spending time together, so don't fret if you've had separate plans after work a few nights in a row.