Eight painful truths we must face once we leave college


Your college days truly are the best of your life but as with all amazing things, you never usually release what you've got til it's gone.

Lie-ins, casually skipping lectures for coffee/rehearsals/Iron Stomach contests, leaving EVERYTHING to the last minute – never again in your life will you have the opportunity to have so much fun in the name of "study"!

Here are a few things that come as a shock to the system once your time at college ends…

1. Every week has to be a golden week now
You can't just decide not to go to work because it's raining outside or you're "not in the mood." Oh, cruel world!


2. All-nighters aren't the answer anymore
Whether it was an essay, a group project or a final exam, just about every problem in college could be solved with one all-night study session. Now that we're in the real world we actually have to plan and prepare ahead for things. Shudder.


3. Weekday hangovers are NOT an option
Sure, you heroically made it to your Friday morning lecture with red eyes and a coffee in hand every week. That same tactic just isn't going to cut it in the working world. Even the most relaxed of bosses will probably take an issue with you laying your head on your desk and falling asleep.


4. A traffic cone is not acceptable home decor
Nor is a carefully cultivated collection of Strongbow cans, or the remains of last week's house-warming party.


5. We can't schedule our day around Gilmore Girls re-runs these days
But what will Lorelai and Rory do without us?! We miss the days when afternoon TV watching was a daily occurrence.


6. Everyone eats so healthy now
Pizza, chicken fillet rolls and vodka with Red Bull were a perfectly acceptable diet back in college. Now it's all quinoa, chia seeds and green smoothies. WHATEVER.


7. Three-month holidays aren't the norm
If you're lucky enough to get paid holiday leave in your job, you'll be counting every day like a miser. Gone are the summers when you just jaunted off to San Diego on a whim. Life is so stressful now! So busy!


8. Even though it was a bumpy journey, we'd do it all again in a heartbeat
Your college years are definitely a learning curve, but they give you some of the best experiences of your life – and the best friends too.