Eight of the best places to meet eligible men

If you’re anything like us, you may feel like you are a loser magnet. How are you meant to find an eligible man when there are so many guys you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole standing in the way? Well, ladies, you may just be looking in all the wrong places! Here are our top eight places for meeting eligible men – we’re not saying you won’t find the odd loser in these places either, but the chances should be considerably lowered!

Through friends
And not just your close friends. Meg Jay, author of ‘The Defining Decade’, says that you need to reach out to friends of friends for new opportunities, both romantically and career wise. This is because you’ve probably already met most of your close friend’s friends already. Throw a party and tell people to invite all their friends – you never know who might show up!

Public transport
This is easier said than done these days seen as everyone switches on the iPod as soon as they get on the bus. But if you do find yourself standing beside the same guy at the bus stop every morning, why not strike up a conversation? At least you know he has a job, even if he doesn’t have a car!

The gym
While you may be horrified at the thought of flirting with someone when you’re working out, you shouldn’t be. If the guy is in the gym to actually break a sweat (rather than just checking his muscles in the mirror), he’ll probably be interested in someone who has an interest in keeping fit just like him. And if he’s smart, he’ll be able to see through the sweat to the beautiful person you really are!

The online dating world is not as sinister as it once seemed. At least you know the people there actually want a relationship, and you can learn a bit about them before you make your move!

At work
Work is a great place to meet guys, and apparently couples who meet this way are most likely to end up married! Though if it doesn’t work out, it could get messy!

House parties
Rather than going to a bar on a Saturday night, find out if any friends are having house parties. It’s much easier to end up chatting to a guy as you fix yourself a drink in the kitchen than it is to lock eyes across a crowded dancefloor!

If you like reading, join a book club. If you like running, join a running club! You’re guaranteed to have at least one thing in common with everyone you meet there, and who knows? You could meet the love of your life!

Blood donation clinics
This one may seem a bit bizarre, but if you’ve ever donated blood, you’ll know that there is a LOT of waiting around. Which means ample opportunity to talk! Plus, you know he’s the charitable type. And if you get a quick look over his shoulder, you can see if he’s ticked ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the question about STDs, so no nasty surprises!