Eeek! The Dawson’s Creek cast just reunited for the 20th anniversary

OK, nobody panic, but the cast of Dawson's Creek have reunited and our inner 90s girls are screaming. 

To celebrate the show's 20th anniversary, Entertainment Weekly got the old gang back together to talk about their favourite moments from the cult teen drama. 

The magazine also treated us to four solo covers featuring lead actors Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek, and Michelle Williams, as well as one group cover, which really pulled on our nostalgic heart strings. 

After making its debut in 1998, Dawson's Creek became and instant hit, and even produced one of the internet's most iconic memes, lest we forget. 

The series acted as a springboard for its lead actors, with Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams all having enjoyed hugely successful careers in the entertainment industry. 

Speaking fondly about her time on the series, Williams, now a four-time Oscar nominee, said: "I loved that we were able to get in there in those formative years for people. That's why people, I think, are so connected to it. When something affects you while you were growing up, it kind of stays in there forever."

"When you're so permeable and open and trying to figure out who you are and what's going on, whatever reaches you in those moments really becomes part of you."

However, those wishing for another instalment of the much-loved show shouldn't hold their breath. When asked if the characters would ever reunite on screen in an interview last January, show creator Kevin Williamson telling the Hollywood Reporter

"What would we do?! One of the reasons we did the finale five years in the future was to put a button on it. What would a reunion be? What would that look like? Why would you? I don't see it and I don't feel it. The finale was such a beautiful moment in time and the show was always meant to be a nostalgia piece."