Ed Sheeran spotted with Niall Horan’s ex!


We all know the old-age rule about friends and exes – but it looks like someone might need to remind Ed Sheeran…

Ed was spotted in Sydney hanging out with his pal Niall Horan’s ex-girlfriend, Barbara Palvin.

The pair went for dinner together before sharing a car to leave and although they tried to avoid the paparazzi it was no avail.

It was only yesterday that Ed revealed he he had split from his girlfriend of one year, Athina. 

We wonder how Niall will feel about Ed hanging out with his ex…?

Given that Ed accused Niall of sleeping with Ellie Goulding while he was dating her in his hit song, Don’t, we reckon it might be time for Niall to get his guitar out!

We really hope this isn’t the end of the One Direction-Ed Sheeran bromance – how much can we take?