Get in! Dubliner nets €117,000 after doing a quick clean-out of her car


We’ve all fantasised about unearthing a winning lottery ticket under a pile of laundry or stumbling across a discarded scratchcard boasting three matching numbers, but for most of us it will remain a pipe dream.

For one Dublin woman, however, that dream became a reality when she decided to clean out her car over the weekend in a decision which has netted her a staggering €17,023.

After rooting through the standard junk which litters most of our cars, she explained that she came across a Lottery ticket but, as usual, had neglected to check it.

“As a long-time Lotto player, I regularly purchase my Quick Pick tickets but I very rarely ever check them until I hear about a local winner,” she explained.

“I have bundles of out-of-date tickets in my house and in my car and sometimes we laugh that I’ve probably already won the Lotto jackpot 10 times but I never found out about it.”

After putting the ticket aside, the Dubliner decided to check whether the stray ticket was worth anything, and quickly discovered she was suddenly €117,000 richer.

“When I went into the shop to scan my ticket, the shop keeper and I were absolutely dumbstruck, I don’t know which of us got the biggest shock,” she admitted.

Arriving at the National Lottery Winners Room on Dublin’s Abbey Street today, she urged everyone to keep an eye on their tickets.

“Just because a big jackpot isn’t won in your area, it could still be worth a lot of money, I am living proof of that. I have the App now so there’s no excuse.”

You heard the woman – You could be sitting on a gold mine.