DIY gift ideas that’ll save you splashing the cash!


There are certain times of year when buying presents is a necessity – be it Christmas, Valentine's or just that month when it seems EVERYONE has a birthday.

Sometimes your cash just won't stretch far enough, so we've found a few DIY gift ideas – they might take a little extra time but they'll definitely save you a few quid. And plus, who doesn't love a thoughtful handmade pressie?

1. Baking kit
This can be made up for any baking recipe – just weight out all dry ingredients, place them in a clean jar or pretty glass bottle and write out clear instructions separately. Make sure you press down each layer so that the ingredients sit on top of one another rather than mixing together. Add all lighter products first, and place heavier things like nuts and chocolate chips toward the top. Then, simply add a ribbon and a label – done!

2. Infused alcohol
Another very flexible option – choose the spirit of your choice (vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila… endless possibilities), choose your infusions and work from there. Citrus fruits, fresh herbs, spices and vanilla beans are all good options but really you can go wild with this one. Add the ingredients to a bottle, fill with your chosen alcohol, seal and leave at room temperature for anywhere from 1 – 7 days. Fresher items like herbs and fruits need fewer days, while dried ingredients like spices may need more.

3. Bright bookends
This is a really sweet idea for bookworms of all ages. Simply choose a toy animal of your choice, glue to a heavy piece of scrap wood and brush with primer before spraying with high-gloss paint. Allow to dry before spraying the bottom of the wood. Such a cute present!

4. Instagram coasters
These can be made on tiles or on corkboard, whichever you prefer. Print your favourite pictures from Instagram and cut to fit the size of each coaster. Coat the tile or cork with a layer of clear glue like Mod Podge, then place the picture on top. Coat with another layer of glue, allow to dry and repeat again if necessary. Add some foam mounting dots or a layer of felt to the underside of the coaster and you're ready to go.

5. Manicure kit
You can go as luxury or as budget as you like with this. Choose a couple of cute varnishes, a top coat, a nail file, clippers and whatever else you like. Add some cotton wool balls too to fill out the empty spaces. Pop in a pretty mason jar and tie with a ribbon. So simple!