Disney unveils spectacular live animated wedding cakes

Is there anything that Disney can’t make magnificent?

Apparently not, judging by the looks of their amazing new cake invention!

Their latest stroke of genius was unveiled during their recent Fairy Tale Weddings Expo, at which they showcased their spectacular new cake projection mapping invention.

The innovative technique sees images and animations projected onto the wedding cake, adding decoration that is not only customisable but also magical!

Disney-loving couples everywhere are sure to be excited when they see the technique in action, but, naturally, having Tinkerbell flitting across your wedding cake while it’s circled by a horse-drawn carriage is not something that is going to come cheap.

Indeed, these special Disney cakes are so far only available as part of a whole Disney ‘Wishes Collection’ wedding package, with prices starting at $12,000.

Cue hearts breaking all over the world.

There is no denying the magnificence of those cakes. Let’s hold out hope for the release of a more purse-friendly version soon!

Check them out in action below: