Disney princess and villain lipsticks are out and we LOVE them


A lot of lipstick/movie mash-ups are happening at the moment – but we have to admit, this might be our favourite one. 

After the Harry Potter lipstick line was launched a couple of weeks ago, Potter fans went crazy. 

But now it's time for Disney princesses. 

LA Splash have incorporated Disney's most iconic characters into their all-new lipstick line. 

The 12 lip colours play homage to everyone from Ariel to Nala and even the Evil Queen. 

As you might expect, Ariel is a soft and feminine pop of pink while the lippy named after Alice in Wonderland is a quirky off-track purple. 

Big names like Cinderella and Pocahontas have been overlooked on this occasion. 

Sorry Cinders, not this time. 

But we're hoping that means they're saving them for a follow-up line.