‘Revolting’: Harris slams people for coughing in public’s faces


We all need to work together to combat the spread of Covid-19. Communities are supporting one another in the sweetest ways. Some are volunteering, others are baking treats for friends and many are calling into elderly neighbours to show they’re not alone.

However, despite the majority of people doing good deeds, there are still some people letting the country down. There are careless people who are continuing to gather in large groups, many having house parties and groups who think it is funny to cough in people’s faces to scare them. 

Covid-19 is no joke and we need to make sure that these teenagers stop their cruel pranks.

Health Minister Simon Harris slated them and brandished their actions “disgusting.”

The ‘Corona challenge’ is nothing but a pathetic game that needs to stop. Coughing in people’s faces is simply revolting, and the last thing we need to deal with during these horrifying times.

People are stressed enough without dealing with ridiculous jokes like this. Harris stated: “There are people bizarrely deciding to cough in other people’s faces. This actually happened to me yesterday as I was walking from here to my department when a man and woman on the street thought it was hilariously funny to come up and cough at me and then run off laughing.

“Can we please as people just look at what’s happening in Italy, in the European Union, where we are seeing 700 people a day dying from a virus that can be deadly to some people in our population.

“And when you think, I think particularly of older people who are being targeted in relation to this, and there seems to be some sort of social media kind of game? But it’s not a game it’s disgusting.”

"Putting on that you would target people in your community, particularly older people and go up, cough in their face, video it and have a laugh and run off.

“Just think if it was your own granny, granddad, mother or father, or your own friend with an underlying health condition like cystic fibrosis.”

We need to work together to stop the spread of this virus. The last thing the country needs is selfish people causing public distress.