Disaster! This is seriously bad news for Kylie Jenner


Kylie is now being sued by one of the drivers involved in the three-car pileup she caused back in August 2013.

The accident happened just 18 days after Kylie's 16th birthday when Kylie rear-ended a stopped Toyota with her Mercedes, which then rolled forward and collided with another car.

The woman driving the third car is now suing Kylie for back and neck injuries.

Things aren’t looking good for the youngest member of the Kardashian family, who has had numerous other mishaps during the past year. Kylie was involved in another crash while driving a Range Rover and even managed to find herself issued with tickets during just one day.

On top of this legal headache, she’s also going to have to deal with her mother’s wrath as Kris is also being sued over the accident. The plaintiff is claiming the car was registered under Kris' name and has listed the 59-year-old as a defendant.

Kylie, who is also infamous for posting pictures and videos while driving, really is in big trouble. Could the Jenner sister have her licence taken away? We really wouldn’t be surprised.