The ‘Friends’ cast had to sign docs to NOT have sex with each other?!

Ever since it was announced that the cast of Friends were getting back together again (minus Matthew perry, *sadface*), we couldn't help but think about all the questions that went unanswered.

Like, where the hell did Gunther go off to? Did Ross and Rachel get married? And did anyone pull on Monica and Chandler IRL?

These are all very good questions, but we have to say we want the answer to the last question the most.

Well, it seems like we might just get our answer as in a sneak peek video for the NBC special, presenter Andy Cohen asks the gang if anyone actually had to sign a contract to not sleep together. Wow.

The special episode for director James Burrows will air on February 21, and we hope our Friends air out their dirty laundry in the meantime.