Did Kendall Jenner receive an offer to pose for Playboy?


Rumours surfaced yesterday that Kendall Jenner had apparently received an offer from Playboy, asking her to pose topless for their next issue.

But sources have revealed today that despite all the reports, Playboy hasn’t approached Kendall at all for their next cover issue.

Kendall raised a few eyebrows last month, when she decided to go topless for the latest Interview magazine and revealed it was always her dream to model.

But despite the speculation surrounding the shoot Kendall said she was happy with the end result.

“I was really happy with it. It was a fun shoot to do and it’s nice when you absolutely just love something.”

Well Kendall might not be going to Playboy anytime soon, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she were to work with the racy magazine in the future.