Designer reveals what it’s like to dress Kate Middleton


British designer, Jenny Packham has spoken about what it’s like to dress the Duchess of Cambridge and what influences the royal’s choices.

Packham says she usually finds out that Kate Middleton is wearing one of her famous designs when her Twitter feed goes crazy.

“You kind of always know where it’s going to be worn. Sometimes when we dress celebrities, there are always loads of Twitters and things like that when I wake up. I think, ‘Oh right, she wore it.’”

However, Jenny revealed that she does work directly with Kate on her outfits and said the Duchess has a great sense of style: “It’s always quite a collaboration.”

The Duchess recently wore a Packham dress to a state dinner while on her royal tour in New Zealand. Kate wore a long-sleeved black dress with some leaf detail by the designer.

Jenny says she was delighted to see Kate wear her dress during the New Zealand tour: “I was very excited and it was such a lovely moment to involve in. It was quite surreal, actually.”

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