French designer finds solution to our perfume woes


It’s always the way, you spritz on some perfume before you leave the house but by the time you get to the bus stop, it’s already gone.

Cue you pulling out your giant perfume bottle from your bag, no doubt getting someone in the eye as you spray it around your head.

However, French designer Julien Cohen may have the solution to our perfume woes.

Instead of carrying a big bottle of perfume around with us, Julien has designed jewellery that acts like a teeny tiny bottle.

Talking about his OBO range, Julien says it means “perfume, anytime and anywhere”.

In case you were worried about spilling a little of your perfume onto your top, Julien assures that the jewellery has undergone extensive leak-proof tests: “The perfume is leak-proof and it has been tested under high pressures to ensure that our roll-on gives the same results as a classic pump dispenser.”

The dispensers come in a variety of jewellery styles including bracelets and necklaces so no more whipping your bottle of scent out of your bag, now you can subtly reapply your perfume and no body need ever know!