Demi Lovato blasts the paparazzi for trying to provoke her


Demi Lovato is currently in Australia to promoter her latest single Cool For Summer.

While it appears the 22-year old pop star has been having the time of her life Down Under, one of her latest tweets has shown not all is as it seems.

You may have heard that just recently the singer was left devastated when her adorable pooch Buddy was attached by coyotes and died. She took to Instagram to say that since then she has been through “the most painful week” of her life.

While she has been leaning on boyfriend Wilmer Valderama for support, both were left heartbroken after the incident.

It seems that her painful loss as not something believed to be off-limits in a recent run in with paparazzi.

Demi tweeted her annoyance with the photographers yesterday:

It turns out this is not the first time that an American celebrity has raised issue with the actions of some of Australia’s paparazzi.

Last year Katy Perry took to social media to express her concern over their behaviour. She said that she believed that they had no respect or “character of humanity”.

She even labelled them as “stalkers” and posted pictures of the individuals she felt were targeting her specifically. Katy asked people to remember that anyone who printed unauthorised photographs of her in her bikini were "disgusting" and "perverted" old men.