Deliveroo go to new lengths to feed Ireland’s hungry sun seekers

As Ireland basks in the annual (and long overdue) Leaving Cert weather, many of us Dublin's are choosing to spend the sun-drench evenings the only way we know how – cans by the canal, naturally. 

And now, thanks to Deliveroo's extreme new deliver method, it looks like we won't even have to make the trek back into town in order to enjoy the city's tastiest food. 

The food deliver service has teamed up with the Canoe Centre to launch it's first ever kayak delivery, meaning you can now get your favourite dishes dropped directly to the banks of the Grand Canal. 

The maiden voyage meal of choice were. you guessed it… burritos from Boojum.

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: “We’re delighted that our customers are enjoying great food and getting out in the good weather, while it lasts!

“We know that taking in as many sunshine hours as possible is very important. Our extreme kayak delivery along the Canal ensures that those stuck in the office all day need waste no time in catching up on rays after work.” he added.

We reckon this'll come in handy over the summer months!