Dealz unveils affordable garden range and we need the solar lights

Hardware stores have re-opened across the country as Ireland enters phase 1, but as Simon Harris said “now is not the time to decide I’m going to dicky up the house." 

The main reason hardware stores re-opened was for builders, not for us to buy plant pots and curtains.

Luckily, Dealz has everything we could want and more. Our gardens have never looked better thanks to their affordable garden range. As lockdown measures saw all non-essential stores close their doors, Dealz remained open as a one stop shop for all supermarket items but with all of the garden essentials too!

Dealz garden lighting, planting, potting and composting essentials have been in the shopping bags of Dealz customers while they made the most of this little lockdown secret. But fear not, it is never too late to beat the queues and make the most of your home and garden improvement opportunities.

Check out the extensive range at Dealz where prices start from just €1.50.