Creative uses for your old wellington boot


If you are anything like us you no doubt have a spare wellington boot floating around your house. How you ended up with one, you’ll never know but you have yet to throw it out for fear the other one will turn up.

If it’s been at least a year, it’s time to cut your losses and do something useful with it.

Flower pot
A welly flower pot looks pretty cool and is easy to make. Simply cut a few small holes in the bottom of the boot for drainage, fill with some stones and pour in some compost. Plant your seeds and away you go.

To turn your welly into a vase, place a jam jar in the boot and secure it to the bottom with double sided tape. Fill the jar with water and place your fresh flowers into the jar. To onlookers it will look like the vase is actually the boot.

Before you start, make sure your boot is thoroughly cleaned. Paint it to your desired colour using wall paint. Place in the corner of the room and let people admire your work.

Umbrella holder
You can decorate your boot as above or simply leave it as it is. Fill with paperweights or rocks to make it a little more secure and place in the hall to store your umbrellas. 

image via Pinterest