Could romance be on the cards for Harry Styles and this actress?

Harry Styles had a big evening at last night's British Fashion Awards. Not only did he present Emma Watson with the coveted Style Award for 2014, but he also posed for THIS photo with the actress:

There they are, just casually looking stunning together. 

The internet was quick to pick up on the romantic vibes between the pair, especially when Harry gave Emma a quick peck on the cheek after presenting her with the award. Twitter exploded with talk of "Hemma," the ultimate celebrity couple:

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's remember that Emma is currently in a relationship with 22-year-old Oxford student Matthew Janney.

If these holiday pictures from their trip to the Carribean earlier this year are anything to go by, the two are pretty smitten.

Well, it just means that Harry will have to work a little bit harder to woo her, won't he!

Roll on the #Hemma wedding!