Could Jaden Smith get any more arrogant? It would seem so.


It’s no secret that Jaden Smith thinks rather a lot of himself.

Proving that 15-year-olds probably shouldn’t be on Twitter, he used his most recent tweets to reach out to Shia La Beouf, er, “artist to artist”. Cringe.

Jaden told his Twitter followers that he waited in line to see Shia as he had a “very important message to deliver,” but seeing as he did not get to see him, he decided the next best route was Twitter. Obviously.

He went on to tell Shia (via Twitter) that if he ever needed “a fellow insane person to talk to” he was there and that his message was one that could only be understood “artist to artist”. Jaden finished by telling Shia that he is: “here for you I believe in what your doing.”