COMMENT: Why Piers Morgan is essentially right… this time

Among the flurry of thinly-veiled sexist remarks Piers Morgan made after seeing an un-airbrushed photo of a bikini-clad Kim Kardashian this week, he did utter one sentence which is worth remembering.

In reference to cellulite which could be seen on Kim's thighs if you were so inclined to search for it, Piers said: "Accept it."

Yes, he dismissed the notion that dimpled thighs should be celebrated, but he did suggest something many of us have been refusing to do when it comes to our litany of perceived 'flaws'.

Accept it, and get over it.

While his intention clearly wasn't to buoy the female population or offer any form of support when it came to issues surrounding body image, he did, albeit inadvertently, remind us that there are – among myriad other things in this life – some things we have to just accept.

And there's a lot to be said for finding the confidence to do just that.

As many women will attest, railing against 'flawed' body parts is draining beyond all measure.

Fixating on 'imperfections' is exhausting.

And attempting to conceal areas of your anatomy that haven't had the photoshop treatment is a surefire way to sap yourself of self-confidence, self-assurance and self-worth.

So maybe Piers, in this instance, is right.

Few of us have reached the celebratory stage of cellulite, but even less have reached the acceptance stage, and desperately attempt to fix, conceal or apologise for its presence.

While his distaste over Kim's unphotoshopped physique was far from subtle and his disregard for his female co-host's praise blatant, the 52-year-old did provide a kernel of advice…whether he realised it or not.

And while he did – following his televised remarks – take to Twitter to hammer home the notion that cellulite is a 'flaw', we'd do well to focus on the brief tip he did mention.

Flaw or not, it is  – as something many women sport – something we need to accept, because hey, for most of us it's here to stay.

Yes, the nugget of advice was fleeting. Yes, it was bookended by other remarks which suggest Piers needs a lesson or two in diplomacy. And yes it did remind us that when it comes to certain matters, Piers is far from an oracle.

But just like Kim's cellulite, if you were inclined to search for it, it was actually there.