Chrissy Teigen urgently needed bananas, and the internet delivered

What does Chrissy Teigen do when she needs a grocery item?

Well she takes to Twitter to alert her legions of fans, of course.

The model was on the hunt for a bunch of bananas last night, and rather than venturing out to the shops, she relied on her 7.5 million followers to come to her aid.

Chrissy promised a pair of her husband John Legend's underwear, a signed cookbook and a Becca highlighting palette to the follower who could get her the bananas the quickest (the gal was clearly gasping for a slice of banana bread).

When asked if he was in on the distribution of his underwear as a prize, John tweeted: 'Yes and I approve. Can't make banana bread without brown bananas.'

Follower Meg Zukin had the goods, and so was chosen to make the swap, despite being one banana short of the requested amount.

Meg drove to meet Chrissy's assistant to make the swap. 

However, there was one condition on the exchange. 

Chrissy tweeted that on the request of her assistant, the fan must sample a small piece of the bananas in front of her assistant, for Chrissy's safety, on the off chance the fan was some kind of poisoner. 

The bananas then made their way to the model's mansion in mega quick time, to fulfil their destiny of becoming Chrissy Teigen's banana bread, as evidenced by a follow-up picture of Chrissy's assistant arriving with the goods. 

However, this snap raised further, non-banana related questions. 

Fans were quick to point out that Chrissy and John's dog was inexplicably dressed up as a bell hop.

To this Chrissy simply said: 'Don't ask.'

Just another day in Celebland…