Cheryl makes an admission we were not expecting!


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini seems to have slipped back into her role as X Factor very smoothly – albeit more feisty than what we were previously used to.

That is why we were shocked to hear that she is unsure about returning to her role as a judge next year. Cheryl reportedly told the Daily Star that it is something she would have to consider carefully: “That’s a question Simon would have to ask me himself. Then I would have to talk about it because it’s been very emotional.”

The singer described acting as a judge on the show: “You get attached, you try not to but we’re human at the end of the day, you can’t help but feel the emotion, it’s tough. You’ve probably seen us shrinking week by week.”

Cheryl also opened up about her supposedly difficult relationship with Mel B, saying that although they have had their ups and down, they support each other: “We are two grown women, we both know what we’re here for, we’re both professional. It’s not like we want to pull each other’s weaves out or anything. We both get very passionate so it does get a bit like, ‘Ahhh’, but we support each other at the same time because we’re going through the same experience as each other.”

So that's the ‘war’ rumours cleared up for at least another week then!