Cheryl Fernandez-Versini shaken up after terrifying holiday ordeal


Poor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was no doubt trying to enjoy some down time on holidays recently after a hectic few months working on The X Factor, but it seems things didn't quite go to plan.

The singer and her husband Jean-Bernard jetted off to the Caribbean earlier this month for an idyllic couple's holiday which included a spot of under-sea snorkelling.

Jean-Bernard revealed that his wife was left totally startled when she spotted an unwelcome visitor swimming above them… a blacktip reef shark!

Although reef sharks are generally harmless, there have been incidents of them biting divers in the past, and so the couple were urged to swim away from the area and leave the water by lifeguards.

While Cheryl was terrified by the ordeal, Jean-Bernard saw the funny side, even sharing this photo of the snorkelling session on Instagram with the caption, "Ever heard a Geordie scream, 'It's a f***ing shark?'"

Yup, sounds pretty similar to what we'd be shouting too.

Despite Jean-Bernard making light of the situation, a source revealed that the pair were left pretty shaken up after leaving the water. "It was a very scary experience for them both. There are warnings up about sharks all year round in that part of the world, but nobody expects to actually see one."

We're glad to hear the couple made it home safe and sound!