Cheryl Cole posts angrily about a new proposed weighing scales


We can’t say we blame her for not wanting to be associated with this; such an irresponsible and odd invention. Due to appear on a Superdrug shelf near you, these weighing scales compare your weight to a celebrity’s weight rather than giving you figures.

So, for example if a woman were to weigh 8st, they would be compared to Cheryl Cole or Kate Middleton, 9st 2 and they would be compared to Rihanna, or if they were 18st, Melissa McCarthy.

Following bemusement and general anger from the public and indeed Ms. Cole herself, Superdrug issued a statement that withdrew the product.

Not only does this seem disrespectful to celebrities (not to mention they’re more than likely wildly inaccurate figures), it would have encouraged young, healthy women and girls to aim to be the weight of their favourite celebrity. Not good.

Everybody is different and weight is based on so many different factors.