Check out the hilarious reason this girl was refused a loyalty card


Us Irish love to complain about the difficulties we face when we venture abroad and announce the name our patriotic parents bestowed on us.

"Aoife. No. Aoife. Eeeee-fa!"

Oh we love nothing more than lamenting the fact we're met with blank faces and botched pronunciations when we declare ourselves, but do we ever spare a thought for people who arrive to Ireland or the UK and face similar confusion? No, we do not.

Lets start!

Poor, unfortunate Fanny Carlsson was recently denied a Sainsbury's Nectar card because her name was considered a little too rude for the supermarket giant's liking.

Having attempted to apply for a card online, the 19-year-old Swede followed the instructions, entered her first name as required and was then told to "Please enter a valid first name." Harsh.

Luckily, the young Swede saw the hilarious side and tweeted a screenshot of her failed application for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Commenting on the incident, Fanny spoke to the Daily Record, saying: "Because I already knew what 'Fanny' meant before I moved to England, I have chosen to call myself Linnéa at work. It's pretty much only when I talk to Swedes that I use my first name."

We're never complaining about our annoying Irish names again.