Carnivals are the new music festivals


This February, Italy will be a buzz of colour and excitement as it hosts a number of spectacular carnivals throughout the country.  What better way to celebrate the end of January than by booking a weekend trip and embracing some Italian culture.

Here are our top three favourites:

Carnival of Venice (15th Feb –  4th Mar 2014)
Head along to Venice and join the world’s most famous masked “open city” party. The beautiful St Mark’s Square will be home to traditional events and palaces throughout will host masked balls.

Carnival of Acireale (15th Feb – 4th Mar 2014)
This carnival in Catania is one of the most exciting, beautiful and fun in all of Sicily. This one is slightly unusual in that the spectators can roam the parade without being enclosed behind barriers.

Carnival of Fano (16th, 23rd Feb and 2nd Mar 2014)
The Fano Carnival in the Marche Region is the oldest in Italy and is a buzz of floats, masquerades and fireworks. This one might appeal to someone with a sweet tooth as tonnes of sweets are launched from the floats.

It will be hard to choose just one.