Cara Delevingne blasts news story about her spot


Cara Delevingne has basically reached supermodel status at this stage and is involved in most, if not all, high end modelling projects.

That doesn’t mean the media don’t talk about her spots though…

An article printed in the Daily Mail with the headline: “Cara Delevingne tries to hide big pimple” has, very unsurprisingly, angered the model who tweeted earlier: “I can’t believe my ‘pimple’ made the news! Journalism at it’s finest.”

We can’t imagine if we had one of our spots splashed all over a national newspaper – but she handled it well and we have no doubt she couldn’t care less what anyone says!

You know what they say… if you’re pimple makes it, you’ve officially made it.

OK, no they don’t say that, but they should!