Can you help Irish girl Niamh find her real-life doppelgänger?


Three Irish people are searching for their twin strangers – and they need your help!

The challenge, called ‘Twin Strangers’ sees Niamh Geaney in competition with Harry English and Terence Manzanga to try and find one person in the world who looks exactly the same as they do.

Apparently, there are seven people in the world who look like you – so how hard can it be… right? Well, maybe a little bit more difficult if you only have ONE month.

You may recognise Niamh Geaney as one of our very own S! TV presenters so let’s help her find her doppelgänger.

Have a look at the video Harry, Terence and Niamh made to find out more about their interesting challenge.

Good luck, guys!