Call The Midwife viewers delight as doctors arrive at Nonnatus House

Nonnatus House had some very special guests in last night’s episode of Call The Midwife. Sister Julienne and Doctor Turner decided to accommodate a group of young doctors and it’s safe to say we were delighted by their arrival.

Trixie, Lucille, Phyllis and Valerie took the doctors under their wings and tried to teach them valuable skills that they can’t learn from a textbook.

Their bedside manner was shocking and their late night antics didn’t help impress the ladies of Nonnatus House either.

However, there was one doctor that viewers swiftly warmed to. Doctor McNulty was far more timid than the handsome and brash Doctor Walters and swiftly won over viewers.


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He helped Doctor Turner get to the bottom of an unusual case, he listened intently when he was on call with Nurse Dyer and refused to get involved when his fellow doctors were drinking in Nonnatus House.

And it looks like we could be seeing him again?

Despite the fact that the doctors finished their training and left Nonnatus House, much to Nurse Crane’s delight, Doctor Turner hinted that we haven’t seen the last of them.


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The exhausted GP has been returning home later and later and working non-stop over the past few episodes. Patrick has been missing out on family time and decided that something has to change.

He expressed his interest in hiring another doctor and what better man for the job than Doctor McNulty?

We’d certainly be delighted to see him back again, especially as it seems Valerie has a soft spot for him. Could she finally have a love story of her own on the show?

We’ll just have to wait and see!