Cadbury announce the end of two much-loved bars

Today, Cadbury’s announced that its plant in Tallaght was to shut as well as a reduction in other plants, with the overall loss of more than 200 jobs in the Irish workforce.

The reasons behind the unfortunate announcement has been blamed on the expensive nature of producing chocolate in Ireland, as Phil Hodges of Modelez International who  owns Cadbury’s explained: “Our chocolate production costs in Ireland are currently more than twice that of Mondelez factories in other locations, and we have to become compatible if we are to strengthen our future.”

While the job losses are the most unfortunate thing to arise from the announcement by a long shot, Cadbury’s fans will be disappointed to hear that two of their much-loved chocolate bars will be phased out.

The pink Snack bars will no longer be in production by the end of the year while Time Out bars are currently under review for the same fate…noooo!

If you're a fan of either chocolate bar, we reckon you better start stocking up…

Time Out bars will forever remind us of primary school – a staple of the ‘90s Irish lunchbox we’re sure you’ll agree.