Brighten up your bedroom space with these spring decor ideas!


Now that we've finally said goodbye to winter (even though that pesky snow refuses to leave), it's time to welcome some bright spring sunshine into our lives. 

If you're looking to revamp your bedroom to embrace the light, fresh vibes of spring, then we have a few tips to get you started.

1. Mix it up with prints
Forget about matching because vibrant clashing prints are perfect for spring. So mix and match bright florals, tribal prints and bold colours for a lively and fresh look.


2. Use neutrals as a base
White and cream are the perfect base for all of those fun and bold colours. So when it comes to basics like bedsheets, curtains, walls and ceilings, keep it crisp and clean.


3. Small touches can make all the difference
If you don't have the time (or the permission from your landlord) to fully re-decorate, bring springtime into your room with simple touches like artwork and printed cushions.


4. Let the natural light into your space
Replace dark curtains with white or sheer ones, clear beauty products, photo frames and other clutter off your window sills and really open up the room. If you don't have large windows, hang or prop a large mirror against a wall to make the room appear bigger and brighter.


5. Bring nature into the room
Fresh flowers are so cheap at this time of year, so pick up a bunch of daffodils for a euro and pop them in a cute bottle or vase for an instant springtime feel. Just don't forget to replace them after a few days!

All images via Pinterest