Brian Dowling recalls daughter Blu’s birth story for the first time

Brian Dowling has opened up for the first time about his second child’s birth!

Last month, the former Big Brother winner welcomed his daughter Blu via surrogacy, alongside his husband Arthur Gourounlian. The couple are also parents to their one-year-old daughter Blake, with Brian’s sister Aoife being a surrogate for both girls.

Just 10 days after their little one’s birth, Brian recently went on the Doireann and Friends podcast with Doireann Garrihy to tell the tale of Blu’s birth.

“Aoife went into labour herself naturally, and that was Aoife’s biggest fear,” Brian began, noting: “We were having a section a week after [June 23] – she was due on the 4th of July and we were going a few days early.”

“I was outside in the garden with Blake playing a game, and I noticed Aoife was crying in the kitchen. I was like, ‘Is she getting emotional over being pregnant?’. She was like, ‘I’m just really worried,’ and I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ and she was saying that she was having a really heavy discharge,” the 46-year-old explained.

Brian was advised by the nearest hospital to bring Aoife in, admitting: “I was a bit panicky now, I was trying to remain calm […] I had nothing packed for Blu. There was nothing, cause I was like, ‘I have over a week! I have time!’”

“They examine Aoife and she’s feeling really uncomfortable, and then her waters break. Arthur still isn’t here, he’s waiting for the handover with Blake,” the reality star confessed.

Describing Aoife as “such a trooper”, Brian continued: “Blu was born at 13:33, six pounds, two ounces. The image of Blake […] I was way more emotional this time because I wasn’t expecting her to be born that day.”

Brian then went on to detail that he chose Blu’s name, as he teased: “I said to Arthur, ‘You get the DNA, I get the name,’ and that’s always how it’s been.”

“I wanted the girls to have the [initials] BDG, so it was always going to be B. But up until she was born and then hours afterwards, it was still undecided between Blu and Bailey. I knew a lot of people whose dog is called Bailey, so I vetoed Bailey,” the dad-of-two concluded.