BREAKING: Shots are fired at rapper’s home


It has been reported that shots have been fired at the home of rapper, Lil Wayne.

Four people are believed to be injured after being shot at, with the perpetrator calling the police to inform them of their actions.

Lil Wayne was not at his home in Miami at the time of the shootings which his record label, Young Money confirmed when they tweeted earlier: “Wayne is okay. Wasn’t home during alleged events.”

The story is still in development as police authorities deal with the situation. 

This is the second time in less than a week that police have been called to Lil Wayne

We really hope that everyone is okay – this sounds so scary! 

Update 19:15 The call informing police authorities about a shooting at the home of Lil Wayne has been found to be a hoax call. A SWAT team entered the rapper's home, searching all rooms on the premises and finding no victims.