Brad’s reaction when asked about Jennifer-Angelina love triangle


Things took a turn for the awkward when Brad Pitt sat down with Zach Galfianakis for an episode of Between Two Ferns.

Then again, what was he expecting?!

While the entire interview in general is pretty hilarious, we didn’t think things could get any more awkward until Zack popped the ultimate question to Brad – the question nobody has dared to ask him for years: “Tell me what it was like the first time you laid eyes on Angelina. Was it like one of those classical love stories … like when Ross first saw Rachel?”

He then spits his gum in Zach’s eye so needless to say the interview was a massive success. 

Brad was married to Jennifer from 2000 until 2005 before allegedly leaving her for Angelina Jolie, who he married last month.