Brad Pitt majorly disses Rihanna…to her face


We’re not sure that when Rihanna invited Hollywood actor Brad Pitt to speak at  her very first Diamond Ball in aid of the Clara Lionel Foundation, that Rihanna would find herself at the end of a very public dissing. 

The actor took to the stage after being welcomed on by host Jimmy Kimmel and said: “Ah, Rihanna…I’ve often asked the very questions you yourself are asking right now – what the f*** went wrong?” Eek… Things didn’t stop there however, and Brad went on to blame Jay-Z for corrupting Rihanna: “[Rihanna] soon fell in with a bad crowd led by the dubious and nefarious character known as The Jay-Z. For those of you not in the know, The Jay-Z was an evil impresario known for turning out hit records and ripping insane lyrics and fresh beats … Needless to say, it was all downhill from there.”

Wow – while we’re sure Rihanna was in on this public roasting, we wonder if Jay-Z was?! If not, Brad may have some explaining to do! 

Brad finished up on a very sarcastic note (we’re hoping) and said: “Rihanna, put down that sandwhich, get off your a** and do something. God damn it just do something with your life.”

We’re sure the speech was all just banter between friend – but that said we’re not sure we would ever be thick-skinned enough to be dissed by Brad Pitt in a crowded room. Fair play, Rihanna!