Boyband star planning to get ordained as a priest


There is never a dull moment in the world of celebrity, is there?

While he shocked viewers with his saucy antics on last year’s Celebrity Big Brother, it appears that Blue singer Lee Ryan is putting that image behind him with his new role as a…priest!

According to reports, the star is planning on getting ordained so he can officiate the wedding of his friend and bandmate Anthony Costa!

If the first thing that comes to mind is Joey from Friends, then you have the right idea! Indeed, Lee is said to have been inspired by Joey’s decision to get ordained for Chandler and Monica’s wedding.

Anthony is set to tie the knot with his dental nurse fiancée, Rosanna Jasmin, this year.

A source told the Sun: “Lee wants nothing more than to perform marriage for his friends, and will go to any lengths to make sure it’s a magical day.”

“He’s a great believer in true love and is on a mission to create wonderful memories – if he can get through the vows without crying,” the source added.

What we wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at this wedding!