Boyband member slammed by ex in new angry song


Poor Abigail Breslin has become the target of online trolls after she released a song called You Suck which is rumoured to be about 5 Seconds of Summer singer, Michael Clifford.

The 18-year-old Little Miss Sunshine actress released the video yesterday and it sees her seemingly slamming the boyband member with lines such as “I hate the scar above your eye, it looks like you’re on drugs” and “Bleaching your hair, I hope it all falls out.”

Eek, pretty mean stuff mean. Now, #AbigailYouTried is trending on Twitter and fans of Michael are far from impressed at the young actress’ musical debut:

Abigail spoke about the song recently in Teen Vogue, saying: “This is a song I wrote about those guys who are players and use people and just generally aren’t really good people. It’s about things I’ve witnessed; it’s not okay when guys don’t have respect for girls. I wrote it in the heat of the moment and I think a lot of people will relate to it.”