Boom! The perfect present for the person who STEALS your Netflix


There's one in every family – the sibling who will not shell out for their own Netflix account, and instead makes use of other people's log-in details on the sly.

If you've been inundated with recommendations which bear no resemblance to your own TV preferences, you've likely fallen foul to a sibling who desperately needs a Netflix Gift Card in their Christmas stocking.

Available in three pre-paid amounts – €15, €25, €50 – the Netflix Gift Card can be added to an existing account or used to open a new one, so you can say goodbye to scrounging siblings for good in the new year.

The card, which could herald the dawn of more peaceful family relations, can be used with any viewing plan, so why not treat yourself to a Netflix account exclusive to you… by springing for a gift card exclusive to your sibling?!

Everyone's a winner!