Blake admits that Ryan has ‘wandering eyes’ and deals with it


So it seems like Blake Lively has resigned herself to the notion that husband Ryan Reynolds may never just have eyes for her and it looks like she's OK with that.

Taking to social media to comment on her husband's 'wandering eyes', the Gossip Girl star appears understanding of Ryan's lovestruck glance at screen icon, Helen Mirren.

We're not sure every wife would be as understanding, but it looks like Blake's on the same page as her husband when it comes to the gorgeous Helen.

Sharing a snap of her daughter James' dad and his co-star on Instagram, Blake wrote: "Should I be concerned that my husband's never looked at me this way? #WhereAreThoseEyesWanderingReynolds #HelenMirrenIStheSexiestWomanAlive #WomanInGold."

Blake's husband has made no secret of his admiration for the Oscar-winning star, having recently gushed abut the Woman In Gold actress.

Opening up about his co-star, Ryan revealed: "She's just hysterical, and has no filter in the best possible way. She's as humble as you'd hope someone in her position could possibly be, and she's one of those magnetic personalities."

Perhaps defending his own flirtations with the 69-year-old actress, Ryan stressed: "Everybody who meets with her flirts with her. I don't care who you are – guy, girl, fat, skinny, tall, short, gay, straight – everybody flirts with Helen Mirren."

He's got a point, we'd definitely flirt with her given half the chance.