Big Brother’s 5 funniest moments EVER


Big Brother has been around for what feel like forever – and in January there will be new Celebrity Big Brother series. So, to celebrate, we're sharing our favoruite moments from Big Brother history. Most of them involve Nikki Grahame, for obvious reasons. 

Nikki Grahame – Best. Contestant. Ever. 

2. Mohamed eating chillies and then pouring sugar all over himself
…before eating a banana and getting naked

3. "Maybe Nadia's on her period?"
Brian Dowling's shocked face is forever in our memories. Poor Nikki.

4. Pie Jesu never sounded so…just so. 
We can't believe they haven't been on The X Factor yet…

5. Check yo' self before you wreck yo' self
Aisleyne Wallace hasn't changed much since then if this past week is anything to go by!