Beyonce is so about to surprise-drop an ENTIRE album on us again


We know Beyonce is releasing music in early 2016. 

And two years after the surprise release of her eponymous fifth album, we know that she is inclined to drop an entire record of new songs and videos with zero notice. 

So to help minimise the total shock of being hit with a total new set of whopper tunes in one go, we're examining all the evidence to figure out exactly WHEN Bey is going to hit us with her music. 

1) February, people 

While no official announcement has been made and no release date has been specified, all media outlets are reporting that the album should be upon us sometime in February.

2) Special super bowl announcement 

The new album may coincide with Beyonce's much anticipated performance at the Super Bowl. 

"Beyonce is ready to drop her album at any time," a source has told the Sun.

"But there’s a very strong chance the announcement could happen during the Super Bowl next month.”

Bey is set to perform with Coldplay during the much coveted half-time show. 

3) She's waiting for Adele fever to die down 

One thing is for sure, Beyonce knows what's up. 

According to the same source, she is waiting for the right time to drop her new tunes and that means waiting for all the hype surrounding Adele's latest release, 25, to die down. 

"[The album] was wrapped up at the end of 2015 but she held off on a release as a code of honour to Adele, so their records didn’t clash."

"Beyonce doesn’t have the pressure of releasing an album and is doing bits here and there because she and her team know it is Adele’s time to shine."

4) It's ready to go 

One thing is for sure, the whole album is completely finished. 

"Beyonce has totally relaxed her schedule and pushed back her album, which is now complete and ready to go,"said the source. 

Just give it to us!

5) No single 

As most musicians hit us with one or two singles a few months before an album releases, the fact that there is pure silence coming from the Beyonce camp has us guessing that this will be a surprise album release like her last one. 

However, there is strong possibility she will sample songs at her Super Bowl show. 

6) New videos 

Beyonce has however been filming music videos. 

French website MCM reported that Beyonce was shooting scenes for a music vid in mid December on a week long shoot. 

The rumours were never substantiated but a French choreographer added fuel to the fire when he posted a casting call for a Beyonce video on his Facebook. 

The post was quickly deleted, but it is safe to say that Bey is about to hit us hard.