Best Dressed: workout gear edition

Workout clothes don’t have to be dull, drab and unfashionable. Take a look at these four celebs and see how they rock their workout outfits.

Take a leaf out of Kimmy K. and Lea Michele’s book and add a pop of colour to your workout outfit with a jacket, top or even runners. Bright pink runners? Yes please!

Whatever you may think of Miley, you can’t deny the girl looks good in a pair of black leggings and a casual crop top. Instant pilates outfit sorted. Pair with flip-flops for the comfiest workout gear ever.

Nicole Richie doesn’t even look as if she is going for a workout – she could easily just be having a relaxing day in comfy clothes. Add a scarf, hoodie and sunglasses to your workout clothes for an easy going look like Nicole’s.